Work in progress, working on the topology of the wolf and some sketches in Zbrush. The Wolf modelo is with tutoring and supervision of Create3dCharacters. I am doing the maya generalist course to learn more professional techniques towards animation

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Flamingos quick sculpts and sketches

I keep working with my wolf model. I am using maya and zbrush working one hour per day. I dedicate one hour more for just observation.  I try to keep this as a personal rule. Huge thanks to Create 3d Characters

Also I received another photo of one of my clay giraffes🙂 this one is in London and belongs to Gabi. Thank you very much for the photo G!!

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I finished the wolf model, now I am going to retopo it in Maya and soon I will start working and learning hair systems. I want to animate her, so I need to learn new things to do that. Also did a bit of look development, this is a work in progress. Thanks to Create 3D characters.


I always make clay giraffes when I commute to work. I give them to friends and they send me a picture with them🙂 I am collecting more. These are two different giraffes, one is Leo and the other one Adam. Thanks for the photos fellas


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Sculptures with clay and plaster with tutor Ed Murray at the Art academy. Plaster is a very organic material, here I did the armature of a giraffe but it came pretty different. I call it a frankenstein because it seems to me that this is a mix of many animals together. Things get messy but it is fun to explore and to play.

We had a model in the class, and this day we studied the human form with clay.

I am following http://www.create3dcharacters.com Generalist class. I have always liked Andrew Silke (tutor) work and I am learning a lot of things in the group. He is helping me not only to learn and know Maya better, but to get to the next step with this Wolf for TheVirtualZoo. It is a WIP, I will post more updates later.

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March / June 2016

I started a new visual project based on animals. The Virtual Zoo, a virtual place for animal lovers. You can see the beggining of it here:

This month I will start my first sculpture classes at The London Art School. I have been practicing a lot and working hard to understand better shape and sillouhete. These 2 giraffes are my best results so far.


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Feb personal work


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2016 clay and zbrush


January 2016



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