Hello there!

This month I did mainly sketches and clay work. Also I moved to Dublin. First time I am here. I find the city beautiful, inspiring and full of life. Nature is all over to draw 🙂

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I have been sketching and trying new methods I have learned through feedback. New renders and experiments with the sketches I am producing and some clay work.


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January 2017

I have been practising drawing and sculpture. I upload here what I consider are the best ones. Also more images and look development and my first medical drawings.

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I have been drawing and practising sculpture with clay. I upload what I consider are the best ones. I use Chavant and I am starting to feel more comfortable with it.

Also my first independent commission. I had to model a sloth . I don’t have enough knowledge of sculpture yet so I decided to try 3D printing. I don’t know anything about 3D printing. I contacted a professional company called cadventure . I just had to do my part and they took the rest. I am very happy with it. I think they did an amazing job. I learned many things with this. Everything went good! 🙂 I did a render in vray for myself and this blog.

Also I started to work on Galleta, an amazing and very playful dog. I am making an effort to be accurate with her anatomy. Here I upload many sketches and different stages of the process.



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More sketches and personal work I have done in my free time. Learning how to draw is helping me understand better sculpture.

Flamingos in the water 😊 quick sketches in zbrush but with a more dedicated render in vray

The sloth is my first comisión of sculpture. It will be 3D printed. It’s the first time that I do this so I am reading and reaseatching about it. If you have information and you wouldn’t mind to interchange let me know!



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Work in progress, working on the topology of the wolf and some sketches in Zbrush. The Wolf modelo is with tutoring and supervision of Create3dCharacters. I am doing the maya generalist course to learn more professional techniques towards animation

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Flamingos quick sculpts and sketches

I keep working with my wolf model. I am using maya and zbrush working one hour per day. I dedicate one hour more for just observation.  I try to keep this as a personal rule. Huge thanks to Create 3d Characters

Also I received another photo of one of my clay giraffes 🙂 this one is in London and belongs to Gabi. Thank you very much for the photo G!!

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